Hanes My Way
I am epically failing at this blog…I will do better from now in I promise!



stuck in traffic & someone is dropping like it’s hot,

at those peaceful yoga lessons & someone is dropping like it’s hot,

even when fishing, someone is dropping like it’s hot.

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I saw this lady with those exact same clothes at this store, and I was like ”She’s gonna drop it like it’s hot” xD



I’ll be there for you (new song)

Just keep breathing

hold on, hold on

keep believing

hold on, hold on

don’t let go

your not alone

just reach out, reach out

and i’ll be there for you…

haha honey badger!! this is too funny

The greatest success is being yourself.
I’m Trying To…


Explore emotions openly.

Speak metaphorically. 

Change the course of history.

Unmask the ongoing mystery.

Chain the missing links.

All by way of pen & ink.


hey there :) lovley blog you have! whats your name girl?

Thank you very much I like yours too :) my name is Kadi..what’s your name?!


Lol I HAD to xD


Lol I HAD to xD